Jobs TV          
  Issue: January 2010  

Seven years and counting. This is how long the tambalan of Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper has been thriving on air. What started out as an exchange of experiences became a full blown show that has catapulted both DJs to stardom. Revolutionizing radio, as Nicole put it, is what the Tambalan ng Isang Balasubas at Isang Balahura did. With three recorded albums and seven years of partnership, Nicole and Chris share the secrets of their success as they continue to dominate the early morning airwaves.

1. Be creative and playful. Learn to adapt to different situations and get along with different types of people that you will encounter.

2. Observe the world around you. As Chris Tsuper puts it, the best announcers and broadcasters are the best observers of life. Always be aware of every little thing that happens around you, for it might be the inspiration for your next big idea.

3. Never stop learning. Nicole and Chris believe that earning your degree and being successful should not be the end of your quest for knowledge. Make sure to learn something new everyday.

4. Develop a positive work ethic. Remember that you won’t get to the top without the help of your co-workers. Don’t let success get to your head and destroy the bonds you made at work.

5. Challenge yourself. Never give up on achieving your dreams. There will always be hindrances to achieving your goals, but they only aim to test your limits and skills.

6. Entrust everything to God. Nicole believes that a greater force is behind the Tambalan’s success. He will lead you to where you will truly thrive. Catch Tambalan ng Isang Balasubas at Isang Balahura on 90.7 Love Radio daily, at 8:00 and 9:00 AM.