Company Focus          
  Issue: January 2006  

Euro P 2 P Direct, Inc. is a company incorporated in Philippines with Mr. William A. Stelton as its President. Mr. Stelton, or Bill to his associates, is Chairman and President of the following holding companies:

Techno Holdings - a management and investment corporation that owns and controls five (5) companies engaged in selling and servicing a wide range of equipment and related products to hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, golf clubs, resorts and other facilities within the hospitality industry. Kitchen, laundry, fitness, lighting systems, irrigation and turf equipment are some of the products carried by the subsidiaries of Techno Holdings.

Bistro Holdings - a corporation engaged in the development of restaurant chains. It owns the franchise for the development of TGI Friday’s, Italianni’s and Outback.

Euro P 2 P Direct, Inc. is the sole distributor of Forbes Products in Philippines.

Euro Forbes International Pte. Ltd., a holding company registered and having its headquarters at Singapore, is the parent company of Euro P2P Direct, Inc.

Euro Forbes International Pte. Ltd., is part of the group that boasts of twenty three years of customer service in health and hygiene products, culminating in annual turnover of US$ 125 Million.

The Company’s vision is to create a happy, healthy, safe and pollution free environment that is based on trust and lasting relationships with customers