Company Focus          
  Issue: September 2007  

Jollibee Worldwide Services

From Jollibee’s deep wellspring of resources, Jollibee Worldwide Services (JWS) was formed to be the JFC Group of Companies’ partner in delivering shared services for all its business lines. Borne out of JFC’s foundational values and in full support of its mission and vision, JWS is positioned to be the leader in the shared services industry, a “partner of choice” for the most aggressive business movers in the world today.

Our mission is to provide quality business services at a speed and cost better than competition, enabling our business partners to achieve global market leadership. We shall do this by providing value-adding service in the areas of Accounting, Finance and HR; employing highly efficient people, systems and processes that allow us to deliver and exceed customer expectations; and offering competitive cost in the shared services industry.

Through these strategies, we enable our clients – the JFC Group of Companies – to efficiently operate in the global market, effectively collaborate with business partners, and help employees to be more productive.

JWS is set to achieve its vision of becoming a leading shared services organization, creating value to business partners through customer focus, cost leadership and organizational excellence – the very same competencies that has brought JFC to its leadership position today.