4 Effective Strategies for Answering the "What's Your Biggest Weakness?" Question

4 Effective Strategies for Answering the “What’s Your Biggest Weakness?” Question

Ace Your Interview

Nothing trips up job seekers more than answering that dreaded question—that point in a job interview where even veteran candidates stumble trying to come up with a good answer. It’s just four simple words but the same four words can make or break what is otherwise a stellar interview performance: “What’s your biggest weakness?” If you’re ... more

Resume Writing Tip How to Write a Powerful Career Objective Statement

How to Write a Powerful Resume Career Objective in 4 Simple Steps

Guide to the Perfect Resume

Do you include a career objective statement in your resume?Doing so seems like a no-brainer, but in the past few years, career objective statements have somehow gained a bad reputation. Some hirers see resume objectives as a way to gain more insight into a candidate’s application, while others don’t feel they add any real value ... more

finding the right job

Seek and You Shall Find… the Right Job

Job Hunting Strategies

They say there are no shortcuts to any place worth going. In the same manner, there are no shortcuts to landing a job worth having.Think about this, if you are going to put energy into finding a job, might as well look for something that makes you happy and satisfied. It’s not just about finding ... more

Taking Rejections Positively

Take rejections positively, because even the best experienced rejection too

Break Time Reads

Job hunting is perhaps one of the most challenging phases people go through in life. While there are a handful of extra-special ones who get the job the first time they apply for it, close to 70% of job seekers get rejected or passed up in favor of another applicant. Rejection is not easy to accept ... more

3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your jobsDB Account

3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your jobsDB Account

Product Updates

So you’ve finally set up an account with jobsDB—congratulations, you’ve made the right choice! We’re glad to have your support and we assure you that you’ll be getting the best service possible. Now that you’ve taken the first step to getting your dream job, make sure you’re doing all the right things to get yourself ... more

Why It Matters to Have a Friend at Work

Cheers to Work BFFs! Why It Matters to Have a Friend at Work

Workplace Stories

More than the promise of a high salary or great benefits, there’s another aspect of the working life that motivates people to get up and do their jobs each day. They are our confidantes, our chikamates during breaks, our shoulders to cry on during awful days and our cheerleaders during those times were rocking this ... more

key items

6 Key Items Newbie Job Seekers Should Include in their Resumes

Guide to the Perfect Resume

With graduation over (or in some countries, almost over), fresh graduates across Asia will soon be scrambling to apply for entry-level positions. When this happens, only a well-written resume can ensure HR practitioners give your credentials a second glance.Fresh graduates and newbie job seekers lacking the necessary work experience need a good resume to level ... more

Horrible Movie Bosses - The Ice Queen - Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada

5 Types of Horrible Movie Bosses and How to Deal With Them

Corporate Survival Guide

Just like in the movies, life at the office is never complete without a villainous boss. With so many clichéd depictions of bosses in movies, those which truly made a mark are the ones that reflect the – for the lack of a better word -  interesting dynamics of subordinates with their superiors. In one ... more