Nueva Ecija Job Fair 2015

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All roads lead to Waltermart – Gapan for the Nueva Ecija Job Fair 2015! jobsDB Philippines in cooperation with Mobile IT 4 Youth and the local government of Gapan, Nueva Ecija invites  you to mark your calendar for this one-day event.  Create your jobsDB profile, upload or update your resume by logging in to www.jobsDB.com.ph ... more

personality traits - conscientiousness

The one personality trait you need to succeed in your career. Do you have it?

Education & Training

What makes some people succeed and what makes others fail?We often attribute the success (or future success) of people based on their intelligence. We look at a child who has had continuous honors from preschool to college and say, “That kid will succeed!” We even convince ourselves (or at least parents do their hardest to ... more

Will you be out to take my job?

9 Smart Answers to Tough Job Interview Questions

Ace Your Interview

A job interview is like a card game – while the hiring manager deals the cards, you hold all the aces. And what does it take to play your cards right and ultimately win the game? An awesome strategy and a whole lot of preparation! Every beginner in the job hunting will undoubtedly need to ... more

Managing Common Office Distractions to Increase Your Productivity

Managing Common Office Distractions to Increase Your Productivity

Work Management

We live in a world where almost everyone is in a rush—whether it’s getting to a meeting venue on time, submitting work notes on schedule, beating traffic so as to not be late to work or school—these are just some of the common scenarios that mirror how hectic our schedules have become. With so many ... more


What Your Desk Says About You [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The environment that we create in our work stations really says a lot about how we have and think. Are you a minimalist or a complex thinker? ... more

Making the Big Switch from Self-Employment to Employment

Making the Big Switch from Self-Employment to Employment

Job Hunting Strategies

Entering the workforce after a stint at self-employment? There are a few special things to consider before you start working for somebody else’s company. Unlike regular job seekers, those who were previously self-employed may find it extra challenging to convey to hiring managers their need to seek regular employment. Good thing this article will help ... more

The Millennial’s Job Hunting Guide: Tips and Tricks for Gen Y Job Seekers

The Millennial’s Job Hunting Guide: Tips and Tricks for Gen Y Job Seekers

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Millennials, the generation of people born in 1981 – 2000, often get a bad rap from the older generations. They are often seen as lazy, materialistic, entitled and spoiled, with the media adding fuel to the fire by hyping their supposed shortcomings on magazine covers, news articles and essays around the web. This same group of ... more

Future Careers for Job Seekers

Up and Coming Job Industries Students and Career Planners Should Look Out For

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App developer. Software publisher. Social media manager. These are not your parent’s job titles. How do we know? Because some of these jobs did not even exist until a few years ago. As the growing industries continue to slice and dice various sectors into more specific disciplines, a whole new bunch of highly specific job ... more